Estación de Ciencias Mariñas de Toralla (ECIMAT)

Estación de Ciencias Mariñas de Toralla (ECIMAT)
Legal name of organisation
University of Vigo
Organisation address

Illa de Toralla

E-36331 Coruxo


Galicia (Spain)

Primary contact information (PI)

Antonio Villanueva (Manager at ECIMAT)

Jose González

Years of Mesocosm Experiments
discontinuous experimentation in mesocosms for more than 10 years, although facilities were totally renovated in 2015
Description of Facility
  1. Floating platform with 6 floating rings for bags with 1.2 m diameter.
  2. Land-based system with pelagic/benthic experimentation tanks.
Controlled Parameters

Temperature, light, nutrients, species composition

Research Topics

Marine Ecology and Ecotoxicology, Aquaculture, Physical Oceanography and Marine Geology

Facility location(s)
42.201979, -8.798505
Primary interests
Specialist areas

Toralla Marine Science Station provides the following support services to marine researchers:

  • Supply of Marine Organisms, Water and Culture media
  • Use of Laboratories, Scientific Equipment and other Infrastructures
  • Sample Processing and Analysis
  • Support Services to Research Activities at Sea (Boats, Sampling Support, Diving Jobs, Diving equipment, etc.)
  • Other Support Services to Research (Development of Experimental Cultures, Technical Advising on Marine Organisms Experimentation, etc.)
  • Real-time monitoring of oceanographic and meteorological variables

various size apartments available

Source of Information

Photos of experiments/installations

Photo credit: Alba Hernández

Photo credits: Alba Hernández
Photo credits: Jose Gonzalez Fernandez