Gropello, 21026 Gavirate/Varese

Gropello, 21026 Gavirate/Varese
Legal name of organisation
Institut Dr. Nowak (a)
Organisation address
Institut Dr. Nowak (a)
Abteilung Limnologie
Mayenbrook 1
D – 28870 Ottersberg 

University of Insubria (b)
Department of theoretical and applied sciences, Ecology unit
Via H. Dunant 3
I – 21100 Varese

Primary contact information (PI)

a) Dr. Said Yasseri
b) Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Crosa
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Years of Mesocosm Experiments
02/2009 - 07/2009 and 11/2009 - 10/2010
Description of Facility

Outdoor, pelagic/benthic, freshwater

floating platform including 3 floating PE-rings with mesocosms reaching into the sediment, 47 m³ per mesocosm, each 2 m diameter and 15 m depth (see Fig. 1)

Controlled Parameters

1)   Water: e.g. nutrients, species composition (algae & zooplankton), carbon, metals, ecotoxicology

2) Sediment: e.g. nutrients, metals, ecotoxicology
Research Topics

Nutrients, quantification of sediment P-release,
effects of lanthanum modified clay on the P-release

Facility location(s)
Primary interests
Specialist areas

Mobile mesocosm structure, can be installed on other study sites

Source of Information

Crosa G, Yasseri S, Novak K-E, Caziani A, Roella V, Zaccara S. 2013. Recovery of Lake Varese: reducing trophic status through internal P load capping, Fundamental and Applied Lmnology, Vol. 183/1, 49-61.

Photos of experiments/installations
Mesocosm installation in Lago di Varese (Photo by Institute Dr. Novak)

Mesocosms in Lago di Varese (Photo by Institute Dr. Novak)

Sketch of the mesocosm construction (Dr. Yasseri)

Location of Lago di Varese: Latitude 45.818369; Longitude 8.738972