IMDEA Water Institute

IMDEA Water Institute
Legal name of organisation
IMDEA Water Foundation
Organisation address

IMDEA Water Institute

Avenida Punto Com 2

PO Box 28805, Alcala de Henares

Madrid (Spain)

Primary contact information (PI)

Andreu Rico:

Marco Vighi:

Years of Mesocosm Experiments
Description of Facility

The mesocosm facility at the IMDEA Water Institute (Central Spain) consists of 9 independent stream channels (9 m length, 0.3 m depth; 0.3 m width), 24 lotic systems containing about 1 m3 of water and sediment, and a biodiversity lagoon of about 30 m3 equipped with a green filter. The mesocosm facility allows the design of experiments with several controls and treatments with replication and is perfectly suited to represent scenarios such as those used for the regulatory risk assessment of chemicals in Europe.

Controlled Parameters
  • Water physico-chemical parameters (DO, T, pH, EC, Alkalinity, etc.)
  • Nutrient concentrations
  • Chemical exposure concentrations in water and sediment
  • Biological responses at the population and community level: phytoplankton, macrophytes, zooplankton and macroinvertebrates
Research Topics

Environmental fate of chemicals and calculation of degradation rates

Assessment of the adverse effects of chemicals on several biological endpoints and derivation of safe environmental concentrations

Evaluation of the interaction between multiple stressors (chemical and non-chemical) on aquatic ecosystems

Facility location(s)
40.5133474, -3.3386556000000382
Primary interests

We are mainly engaged on academic research projects but also open for collaboration with the regulatory and industry sectors. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Specialist areas

A wide range of measuring and sampling devices are available for the evaluation of chemical and biological endpoints. Our mesocosm facility is located few meters away to our analytical chemistry lab, which is specialized on the analysis of pesticides and pharmaceuticals in environmental matrices


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Photos of experiments/installations


Photot: Michelle Jansen


Photo: Andreu Rico


Photo: Andreu Rico
Photo: Andreu Rico