Marine Plant Mesocosm System

Marine Plant Mesocosm System
Legal name of organisation
CCMAR – Centre of Marine Sciences
Organisation address

Universidade do Algarve

Campus de Gambelas, Ed.7

8005-139 Faro


Primary contact information (PI)

Prof. Adelino Canário

Dr. João Silva

Years of Mesocosm Experiments
Description of Facility

This facility is a marine infrastructure, incorporating three complementary mesocosm systems:

  1. Outdoor system, modular, with up to 40 independent flow-through 100 L tanks. Each experimental tank is linked to a dedicated head-tank, allowing true replication and random distribution of treatment levels across the system. The experimental tanks were conceived to accommodate rooted marine plants (seagrasses) but are easily adaptable to other organisms. CO2-enriched air is prepared in a 5000 L reservoir (IRGA-controlled mixture) and bubbled in the individual head-tanks.
  2. Indoor system, with similar design and operating principle, fitted with 30 L aquaria and artificial light.
  3. Outdoor system, 200 L flow-through experimental tanks. Water is supplied from a single head-tank, where pH is used to regulate CO2 injection.
Controlled Parameters

pCO2, pH, water-flow, nutrient concentrations, light levels

Research Topics
Facility location(s)
37.006, -7.966
Primary interests
Specialist areas

Control systems based on real-time CO2 analysis, alkalinity titrators, water chemistry sensors.


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Photos of experiments/installations
Photo credit: João Silva
Photo credit: João Silva
Photo credit: João Silva