MEDIMEER (MEDIterranean platform for Marine Ecosystem Experimental Research)

MEDIMEER (MEDIterranean platform for Marine Ecosystem Experimental Research)
Legal name of organisation
Organisation address
2 Rue des Chantiers
34200, Sète

Primary contact information (PI)

Dr. Behzad Mostajir

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Years of Mesocosm Experiments
Since 2003
Description of Facility

Pelagic, marine, outdoor, in-situ

1. Permanent floating structure: up to 12 pelagic mesocosms (1.2 m diameter, 2 m depth, ~2 m3 volume each). Fig. 1 & 2

2. Permanent floating structure: 3. Indoor structure:

3. Mobile: LAMP is composed of 9 individual structures that can be deployed individually or bonded according to experimental design. Fig. 3

Controlled Parameters

CO2, pH, nutrients, plankton composition, temperature, light, salinity, turbulence, conductivity, chlorophyll a fluorescence and dissolved oxygen concentration. Some of The data are stored and transmit in real time

Research Topics

Plankton food web structure and functioning and their responses to global and local stressors.

Facility location(s)
Primary interests

Interactions between planktonic organisms and changes in structure and function of planktonic food web.

Specialist areas

Effects of warming, increase of ultraviolet-B radiation and pH on planktonic food web.


Available equipment and instruments include a spectrofluorimeter, a spectrophotometer with an integrating sphere, an oxygen titrator, an autoanalser for dissolved nutrients, a flow cytometer (FacsCalibur), an epifluorescence microscope, dissecting microsopes, and various benchtop instruments (peristaltic pumps, vacuum pumps, filtration sets, liquid nitrogen container, balances, incubators, drying ovens, cooled centrifuges, hoods, etc.)

Analytical platform, isotope laboratory, cold rooms, physical instrumentation (Conductivity, Temp, O2, pH), optical (fluorescence), biological (phytoplankton measures), biophysics (fluorimeter, spectrophotometer)


Dormitories at the Marine Station of Sète   or possibility to rent the hotel rooms or a villa.

Source of Information
Photos of experiments/installations
Fig.1 Permanent floating structure (Photo- Dr. Behzad Mostajir)
Fig.2 Pelagic mesocosms (Photo- Dr. Behzad Mostajir)
Fig.3 LAMP in Dia Island, Crete (Photo: Dr. Behzad Mostajir)