SITES AquaNet – Asa Research Station

SITES AquaNet – Asa Research Station
Legal name of organisation
SITES and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Organisation address

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet (SLU)

Unit for Field-based Forest Research

Asa Research Station

SE-363 94 Lammhult


Primary contact information (PI)

Martin Ahlström

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Years of Mesocosm Experiments
2017 - present
Description of Facility
  • Outdoor, freshwater, deployed in an adaptable jetfloat, placed in the lake Feresjön, 2,5 km from the research station.
  • PE-film enclosures or 20 hardshell PE enclosures (ø = 0.9 m, depth = 1.5 m, volume = 700 l).
  • Open access to national and international researchers.
Controlled Parameters
Research Topics

Advanced general understanding in ecology by using modularized experiments across SITES-AquaNet stations (Sweden) or potential collaborators (Sweden, Europe and other continents). Topics: biodiversity-functioning-stability relationships, community ecology, ecological stoichiometry, food web interactions, benthic-pelagic dynamics, biochemistry (carbon cycling), cyanobacterial blooms and global change research. Possibility to combine mechanistic experiments with lake monitoring data from Feresjön (e.g., phytoplankton, zooplankton, nutrients and on-site climate data, incl. temperature profile measurements).

Facility location(s)
57.164325, 14.782712
Primary interests
Specialist areas

Apogee SQ-500 (PAR), CTG Trilux fluorometer (chlorophyll-a, phycocyanin and turbidity) and Aanderaa 4531 optode (O2 and temperature) sensors fulltime deployed in each enclosure, deployed with a Campbell CR1000 datalogger and an AM16/32B multiplexer ( The datalogger has an ethernet interface for remote access through a mobile broadband router, for maintenance and data retrieval. Surveillance camera mounted for remote monitoring of the site.

An YSI ProODO instrument (DO) (, an AP-2000 AquaRead Multiprobe ( equipped with a chlorophyll a sensor, and an Apogee MQ-500 (PAR) sensor with handheld meters.

Laboratory for filtering and extraction of samples for a wide range of analyses, cold storage and freezing rooms are available at the research station. Connection to laboratories for analysis at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sc.; the Geochemical laboratory (, and at the Uppsala University; the Erken Laboratory (


Capacity at the Asa Herrgård hotel and conference facility, neighbouring the research station; ca 60 persons (, and at the Asa Hostel, 1 km from the station: ca 60 persons, with cooking facilities (

Photos of experiments/installations
Photo credit: Ola Langvall
Photo credit: Ola Langvall