SITES AquaNet – Skogaryd Research Station

SITES AquaNet – Skogaryd Research Station
Legal name of organisation
SITES and Göteborg University
Organisation address

Göteborg University

Inst. for Geosciences

Guldhedsgatan 5a

40530 Göteborg



Primary contact information (PI)

Leif Klemedtsson

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Years of Mesocosm Experiments
Description of Facility
  • Open access to national and international researchers.
  • Outdoor, freshwater, deployed in an adaptable jetfloat, placed in the lake Erssjön within Skogaryd research Catchment.
  • PE-film enclosures or 20 hardshell PE enclosures (ø = 0.9 m, depth = 1.5 m, volume = 700 l)
Controlled Parameters
Research Topics

Advanced general understanding in ecology by using modularized experiments across SITES-AquaNet stations (Sweden) or potential collaborators (Sweden, Europe and other continents). Topics: biodiversity-functioning-stability relationships, community ecology, ecological stoichiometry, food web interactions, benthic-pelagic dynamics, biochemistry (carbon cycling), cyanobacterial blooms and global change research. Possibility to combine mechanistic experiments with lake monitoring data from Lake Erssjön (e.g., phytoplankton, zooplankton, nutrients and on-site climate data, incl. temperature profile measurements).

Facility location(s)
58.3712, 12.1613
Primary interests
Specialist areas

Apogee SQ-500 (PAR), CTG Trilux fluorometer (chlorophyll-a, phycocyanin and turbidity) and Aanderaa 4531 optode (O2 and temperature) sensors fulltime deployed in each enclosure, deployed with a Campbell CR1000 datalogger and an AM16/32B multiplexer ( The sensor and logger are connected to Skogaryd fiber-optic network for maintenance and data retrieval. Surveillance camera mounted for remote monitoring of the site.

Hach with DO and pH, an AP-2000 AquaRead Multiprobe ( equipped with a chlorophyll a sensor, and an Apogee MQ-500 (PAR) sensor with handheld meters.

Laboratory container for filtering and extraction of samples, cold storage and freezers are available at the research station. Connection to laboratories for analysis at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sc.; the Geochemical laboratory (, and at the Uppsala University; the Erken Laboratory (


Lodging capability in two houses for 8 persons with a smaller conference room in the station area (see A conference hostel located nearby can take 25 persons

Source of Information

SITES (AquaNet, Water and Spectral projects) (

Photos of experiments/installations
Photo credit: Leif Klemedtsson
Photo credit: Leif Klemedtsson