SITES AquaNet – Svartberget Research Station

SITES AquaNet – Svartberget Research Station
Legal name of organisation
SITES and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Organisation address

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet (SLU)

Unit for Field-based Forest Research

Svartberget Research Station

SE-922 91 Vindeln


Primary contact information (PI)

Tomas Lundmark

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Years of Mesocosm Experiments
2017 - present
Description of Facility
  • Open access to national and international researchers.
  • Outdoor, freshwater, deployed in an adaptable jetfloat, placed in lake Stortjärn, 2,5 km from the research station.
  • PE-film enclosures or 20 hardshell PE enclosures (ø = 0.9 m, depth = 1.5 m, volume = 700 l)
Controlled Parameters
Research Topics

Advanced general understanding in ecology by using modularized experiments across SITES-AquaNet stations (Sweden) or potential collaborators (Sweden, Europe and other continents). Topics: Forest stand development, plant physiology, systemic water transport, forest management strategies, nutrient limitation, biodiversity-functioning-stability relationships, community ecology, biogeochemistry, atmospheric flux, global change research. On-site climate data, incl. temperature profile measurements.

Facility location(s)
64.143965, 19.455836
Primary interests
Specialist areas

Apogee SQ-500 (PAR), CTG Trilux fluorometer (chlorophyll-a, phycocyanin and turbidity) and Aanderaa 4531 optode (O2 and temperature) sensors fulltime deployed in each enclosure, deployed with a Campbell CR1000 datalogger and an AM16/32B multiplexer ( The datalogger has an ethernet interface for remote access through a mobile broadband router, for maintenance and data retrieval. Surveillance camera mounted for remote monitoring of the site.

An AP-2000 AquaRead Multiprobe ( equipped with a chlorophyll sensor, and an Apogee MQ-500 (PAR) sensor with handheld meters.

Laboratory for filtering and extraction of samples for a wide range of analyses, cold storage and freezing rooms are available at the research station. Connection to laboratories for analysis at the SLU Stable Isotope Laboratory (, the Erken Laboratory ( and Umeå University.


Accommodations at the field station itself are currently under construction. Rooms for rent at Hotel Forsen (6.3 kilometers from the station) and Hotel Vindelngallergian (7.6 kilometers from the station).

Source of Information

SITES (AquaNet, Water and Spectral initiatives,


Photos of experiments/installations
Photo credit: Peder Blomkvist
Photo credti: Peder Blomkvist