UiB Mesocosm Centre (University of Bergen Mesocosm Centre)

UiB Mesocosm Centre (University of Bergen Mesocosm Centre)
Legal name of organisation
University of Bergen (UiB)
Organisation address

University of Bergen (UiB)
Department of Biology
PO-Box 7803
5020 Bergen OR Thormøhlensgate 53 A & B
5006 Bergen

Primary contact information (PI)

Prof. Jorun Egge

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Years of Mesocosm Experiments
Description of Facility

outdoor – pelagic – marine

1. Floating platform
including up to 12 floating rings with mesocosm bags ranging from 10 to 30 m3,  diameter  2 m; length 5-10 m, see Fig.1

2. Land-based system
with up to 18 tanks of 2.5 m3 , diameter 1.5 m; height 1.5 m, deployed within 3 tanks of 30 m3 , diameter 5 m; height 1.5 m, see Fig.2


Seawater enclosures

Nutrient composition, add/remove mesozooplankton, CO2/pH

Land based tanks

Nutrient composition, add/remove mesozooplankton CO2/pH, salinity, adjust light and temperature

Research Topics

Studies of the whole microbial community from viruses to mesozooplankton, grazing studies, initiate and follow specific phytoplankton blooms (e.g. diatoms, Emiliania huxleyi) acidification experiments, testing outcome/results of simulation models

Facility location(s)
Primary interests
Specialist areas

Small boats (with outboard motor), CTD w/fluorescence sensor, plankton nets and water samplers. Pumps and airlift systems for mesocosms. General lab equipment such as freezers, ovens and washing machines for lab equipment, Milli-Q water (small volumes only), distilled water, a cooled centrifuge, basic microscopes etc

In collaboration with UiB scientists: state-of the-art microscopy imaging, fluorometer, genomics, proteomics, X-ray fluorescence, Flow cytometry, FlowCam, and more


Dormitory with single and double rooms  sleeping up to 30 guests, a few steps away from the laboratory building, modern large scale kitchen facilities where guests can provide their meals and a combined dining and living room. Laundry facility is available on site.

Source of Information
Photos of experiments/installations

Fig.1 Floating structure with 12 mesocosms (Photo: Stella A Berger)

Fig.2 Land-based mesocosms (Photo: Stella A Berger)