Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

Short name: HCMR
Contact name: Paraskevi Pitta
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Partner Description

The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) is the national research and advisory body for the marine environment, aquaculture and fisheries. It carries out scientific and technological research, in the fields of study and protection of the hydrosphere, its organisms, its interface with the atmosphere, the coast and the sea bottom. The Institute of Oceanography is one out of three HCMR’s Institutes.

Role and Commitment of key person(s)

Paraskevi Pitta (f, PhD 1996, marine biology). Marine microbial ecologist with 15 years of experience in mesocosm experiments. She participated in the FP7 mesocosm project MESOAQUA. She coordinated the first marine mesocosm experiments in the ultra-oligotrophic East Med. ISI WoS statistics: 47 papers, 1156 citations, h-Index 20. Project role: Scientific Responsible at HCMR, Leader WP5: NA4: Outreach: Dissemination and Stakeholder engagement; Task Leader WP6.4: Provision of TA to HCMR: CRETACOSMOS; Task Contributor WP3.4 Perspectives beyond the project; WP4.1 Data collection and processing.

Manolis Tsapakis (m, PhD 2003, environmental organic chemistry). He has focused on nutrient and organic pollutant cycling in the marine ecosystem. Recently, mesocosm experiment on the effect of engineered nanoparticles on pelagic ecosystem functioning. ISI WoS statistics: 35 papers, 1845 citations, h-Index 22. Project role: Contributor to WP5 and WP6.

Stella Psarra (f, PhD 2002, biological oceanography). She has focused on phytoplankton ecology in oligotrophic marine environments. Recently, study of hydrology and water mass effects on pelagic ecosystem functioning in a transient, continental Strait system. ISI WoS statistics: 29 papers, 1058 citations, h-Index 17. Project role: Contributor to WP5 and WP6.


Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
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