Short name: UBA
Contact name: Silvia Mohr
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Partner Description

The UBA is a federal agency, which supports the Federal Environment Ministry also by own research activities in order to develop concepts and provisions, give advice to the public or other organizations and work in national and international committees. The Chemical Safety Division tests chemicals and compounds in its own laboratories, making use of the results to carry out evaluations. The research they do provides answers to questions concerning, for example, the environmental behaviour of chemicals in the environment. The laboratory test results are also used for the environmental review that is enshrined in chemicals laws. These duties are closely linked to those, which the UBA carries out in the enforcement of chemicals laws (REACH, Plant Protection Act, Pharmaceutical Act, Biocidal Products Directive) Chemical research provides support to environmental policy and thus distinguishes itself from university and non-university research.

Role and Commitment of key person(s)

Silvia Mohr (f, PhD 2001, Limnology and Ecotoxicology). Aquatic ecotoxicologist with more than 20 years of experiences in running freshwater enclosure, microcosm and mesocosm studies. She knows the FSA from its start-up and led so far 15 FSA projects. ISI WoS statistics (19 papers, 11 on mesocosm experiments), 227 citations, h-index:10. Project role: Task Leader WP6.19: Provision of TA to UBA: FSA; Contributor to WP5.

René Gergs (m, PhD 2009, Limnology). Aquatic ecologist with more than 10 years of experience in limnology of streams and lake with special focus on the benthic community structure and food webs. ISI WoS statistics: 29 papers (1 on mesocosms), 201 citations, h-index: 7. Project role: Contributor to WP6.

Stefan Meinecke (m, Dipl. Ing. 1990). Engineer of Bioscience with 15 years of experiences in running mesocosm studies with focus on fate and degradation processes of chemicals in the aquatic environment. ISI WoS statistics: 6 papers (5 on mesocosms), 81 citations, h-index: 3. Project role: Contributor to WP6.


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