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Uni Research AS

Short name: UNI
Contact name: Aud Larsen
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Partner Description

Uni Research AS (UNI) is a non-profit research company in which the University of Bergen owns 85% of the shares. Uni Research runs its environment research through the department Uni environment. Uni Environment carries out basic and applied research in the field of environmental disturbances and assessment, and are involved in contract research for private companies and public authorities. Our vision is to develop and deliver scientifically based knowledge for ecologically sound development and growth, and to promote research-based innovation. The Molecular Ecology research group has a long-term high-profile scientific record on ecosystem functioning, with focus on climate change and foodweb processes. The group has been a user and a scientific and technical advisor for mesocosm facilities in Norway and in the Arctic for many years.

Role and Commitment of key person(s)

Aud Larsen (f, PhD marine biology) is a Researcher I, UNI Research Environment. (ISI: 46 publications cited >1100, times, h-index 23). Research focus: Mechanisms controlling abundances, biodiversity and activities of microbes in order to understand the structure and function of marine microbial food webs. Main focus: Single celled eukaryotes (especially phytoplankton) and their interactions with grazers and virus; integrated field and experimental studies of the lower levels of the marine pelagic community. Technical expertise: Flow cytometry, mesocosm experimental work and phytoplankton culturing. Project role: Co-Leader WP3: NA2: Transnational network of best practices, harmonization and international training; Main contributor in WP8: JRA2: Autonomous measurements; Co-Leader WP9: JRA3: Lasting Science Integration; Contributor to all WPs.

Dominique Durand (m, PhD 2000, marine optics and monitoring technologies) is Research Advisor and coordinator at Uni Research Environment. He was formerly Senior Vice President for environment and Biotechnology at the International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS), and Research Director for marine research and internationalization at the Norwegian Institute for water research (NIVA) With a background in biological and physical oceanography, he has been working, in the last 20 years, on marine monitoring technologies He has been involved in EU research since FP4, and contributed in 15 EU projects. He is presently leading the WP on science and sustainability strategy in the H2020 INFRAIA-1 JERICO-Next project and is a member of the scientific advisory board of the FP7-FixO3 I3 project. Project role: Leader WP2: NA1: Integrated science strategy and governance from local to European scales,Task Leader WP5.5: Engaging with industry; Contributor to all WPs.

Christofer Troedsson (m, PhD 2005 life history strategy) is a Group Leader of Molecular Ecology Research Group at Uni Research. He has a strong marine molecular background from 6 years in a chromatin and gene expression lab at the SARS International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology (an EMBL partner). CT has considerable experience with quantitative and qualitative molecular tool development for marine organisms, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Frischer¹s laboratory, a world leading facility for molecular tool development for ecological applications. CT has the supervision experience from 8 master students, 6 PhD students and 3 post docs, and has the experience as a PI and work package leader from several large collaborative projects. Project role: Contributor to WP2 and WP5.


Uni Research AS
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