University of Bergen

University of Bergen

Short name: UIB
Contact name: Tanya Tsagaraki
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Partner Description

The University of Bergen (UIB) is a young, modern university with approximately 15,000 students and 3,600 faculty and staff. Located at the coast and close to important fishing and aquaculture industry, the Department of Biology (BIO) is one of the biggest research units within aquaculture and marine biology in Norway. With >150 academic staff organised across 13 research groups, BIO currently participates in 11 EU funded projects, four of which it coordinates, as well as several Norwegian Centres of Excellence.

Role and Commitment of key person(s)

Tatiana M. Tsagaraki (f, PhD 2013 marine biology) is a researcher in the Marine Microbiology group. Her research focuses on plankton community interactions and she has a background in ecological modelling. Tsagaraki was the early career scientist in Partner 6 (HCMR) during MESOAQUA and has been actively involved in organising mesocosm experiments since then. Project role: Leader WP3: NA2: Transnational network of best practices, harmonization and international training, Task leader WP3.1 and WP3.4,Task Co-Leader WP3.2; Contributor to WP2, WP9 and Co-Leader WP6: TA1: Provision of trans-national access to all AQUACOSM facilities, Task Leader WP6.2: Provision of TA to UIB: UIB Mesocosm Centre; Contributor to all WPs.

Jorun K. Egge (f, PhD 1994 marine biology, ISI: 36 publications cited >2200, h-index 23) is an experimental phytoplankton ecologist with > 20 years of experience in leading international mesocosm experiments, where effects of biological, chemical or physical factors on the planktonic community have been investigated. Project role: Egge will be involved in WP6-Transnational access.

Gunnar Bratbak (m, Professor in microbiology, ISI: >70 articles, cited >6500 times, h-index 40) is currently conducting research on the structure and function of Arctic marine microbial food web. Bratbak has been the principle/co-investigator on a number of research projects funded by the Research Council of Norway and the EU where mesocosm experiments and field campaigns have been an important activity. Project role: Co-leader WP9: JRA3: Lasting Science Integration.

Selina Våge (f, PhD 2014 marine biology) is a post-doc in the Marine Microbiology group. Her research focuses on modeling of microbial interactions, both on the level of plankton-functional types and on the level of species and strains within the bacterial community. Project role: Våge will be involved in WP3: NA2: Transnational network of best practices,harmonization and international training.


University of Bergen
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